Synagro Technologies, Inc.
Synagro Technologies, Inc.

Digester Cleaning Services



Synagro can serve your cleaning and servicing needs for aerobic and anaerobic digesters, aeration basins, storage tanks and other municipal and industrial water and wastewater facility tanks. We serve customers nationwide and can complete any type of tank cleaning project.

Our team of professionals removes grit, sand, rags and other debris in a liquid operation or through mobile dewatering. We work on your schedule, whether you plan to implement a routine cleaning and maintenance program or simply want a skilled and trusted service provider on a periodic basis.

Poor digester performance and low solids retention time (SRT) make it difficult for you to meet stabilization requirements and can result in high-odor biosolids. Our process is customized to your needs and will maximize the efficiency of your digestion system.

Synagro leads the industry in safety training. We offer performance guarantees, bonding and comprehensive insurance protection.

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