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Digital Documentation


Complete and updated documentation, which confirms any revisions, is essential in the light of existing legal and normative requirements. These documents must also be kept available over the legal retention periods. With the advent of digital documentation, the requirements of relevant regulations and laws are taken into account, while at the same time this form of documentation contributes to a significant reduction of paper-based documentation.

  • Review of existing documentation and identification of potential weak points and where applicable complementation of the documentation by replacement of test certificates
  • Updating of the relevant drawings, and production of photo documentation of the system
  • Advice in drawing up a suitable digital data structure and the filing system, integration of old documents into the new system
  • Immediate updating of the documentation of systems and rapid availability of all documents
  • Legally compliant documentation by database system or customer’s own system
  • Initial inclusion of all technical equipment at the site, collection of data according to size and dimensions

As a result of the experience of our own designs as well as numerous construction projects for customers, we can demonstrate sustainable competence in the creation of documentation for systems of all kinds. We combine the fields of theoretical competence with regard to rules and regulations with the practical implementation of the contents in the construction of plant. Customers benefit from our complete expertise, which covers all applicable activities in the course of documentation 'from a single source'.

  • Digitalisation in a database-driven system with search and evaluation functions and schedule tracking for recurrent tests, servicing and maintenance
  • Increased security of supply and reliable documentation before courts
  • Event-oriented documentation (updated documentation following maintenance or servicing)
  • Relief of the burden on the customer organisation and financial planning reliability

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