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Disaster Response Service



Natural disasters and complex emergencies occur unexpectedly and require a rapid response with specialized equipment and professional personnel. For over 40 years OMI Environmental Solutions (OMIES) has provided rapid emergency response expertise to natural, as well as manmade disasters throughout the world. OMIES has responded with equipment and personnel to the World Trade Center disaster and anthrax decontamination in Manhattan, NY as well as Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike. OMIES can provide management services in the Command Post as well as Zone, Branch and Staging Managers. OMIES can provide waste and debris removal services utilizing roll-off boxes, excavators, track hoes, bull dozers, bobcats, forklifts and waste disposal experts.

OMIES also provides unique services for disasters:

  • Fast Response Chemical Reconnaissance Strike Team
    Each team consists of a foreman and 2 team members who search the area for chemical spills, drums and containers.
  • Fast Response Chemical Recovery Strike Team
    Each Strike team consists of a foreman and 4 team members and responds to sites identified by the reconnaissance team.
  • Central Supply Unit (CSU)
    A CSU is a mobile safety supply store that rapidly deploys to the disaster with stocked van trailers and logistics personnel. It provides safety supplies to all disaster responders in any company or agency.

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