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Disinfection and Cleaning Tanks


Cleaning and disinfection:The DVGW-comprehensive body of legislation: Impurities are caused by air ventilation and deaeration (insects, pollen) or by water ingredients (iron-, lime-, or manganese deposits) in the machines. According to the DVGW-comprehensive body of legislation W 318 and W 281, drinking water tanks have to be inspected once a year and have to be cleaned if necessary. In this process, the system has to be checked for its constructional conditions and its smell-, coating-, and fouling development, whereas type and spreading have to be regarded.

Flair for your Machines:
A tightrope walk between loosening coatings and protection of surface and environment The reconstruction of damaged surfaces is a very cost-intensive affair. Since the use of high-pressure-cleaning can easily result in damages on the surfaces and keyings without reaching the protected biofilms within chinks and capillaries, we recommend the chemical-mechanical disinfecting cleaning. Therefore we help your machines to last for a long time, which is a contributing fact for an economical and profitable business.

Our know-how is your advantage - with the guarantee of sterility
As one of the largest service enterprises in this range, the Mösslein-teams clean and disinfect a huge amount of tank chambers all across Europe every year. This experience makes it possible for us to offer you a fixed price for any system. No “ifs' and 'ans ” and with the guarantee of sterility!

We bring along our complete specialized equipment system.
Our equipment is used exclusively in very hygienic environments involving only treated, potable water. Every kind of necessary equipment is brought along by us: PPE – personal protective equipment, first-aid equipment, special-order equipment, even equipment systems for use in areas with a high radon-concentration.

The preservation of existing systems is the maxim of our time. The charges for first-class service are very little when compared to the cost of reconstruction, repair or the building of a new system.

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