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Industrial dismantling work is the retrieval process of air, railway and motorway vehicles which fulfilled their economical life and factories and establishments which are decided to be closed in an environmentally compatible way. While dismantling process contributes to the national economy, the factor of its risk to destroy the environment during the process should be taken into consideration.  After determining the types and amount of the wastes, the dismantling is done by diminishing the effect of the source, taking the necessary precautions for workers’ health, prepearing waste management plans, choosing the recyclable materials and determining the necessary processes for these.

  • By doing dismantling work according to legal regulations, the effects which can harm the health of humans and environment can be minimized.
  • It can be possible both providing replacement parts to the related sectors and supplying second hand materials for different sectors.
  • Possibility to gain high profits emerges with reprocessing and re-shaping of materials such as aluminum and steel which provides utility in all sectors.
  • Hazards;
  • It the dismantling work is not done according to legal regulations, a lot of effects which can harm the health of humans and environment can emerge. It is possible that, during the dismantling of machine lubricating oil, heavy metals, PAH, PCB, asbestos and other toxic materials, they can threaten the health by spreading to the environment.
  • A large amount of excavation can occur; and thereby the need for transportation and excavation emerges.
  • In the context of this work, through a field study, how disposal is being done and how it should be done is studied by determining waste types and amounts during ship dismantling, reducing these wastes at the source, retrieving the recyclable materials and, as environmental effects, examining its effects for pollution, health of works and workers.  
  • Things that should be taken into consideration:
  • Dismantling services should be done according to legal regulations with a ‘’Dismantling License of Authorization’’.
  • Dismantling should be done only in dismantling facilities.
  • Precautions should be taken against all risks those can emerge in or around the dismantling facilities.

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