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A.Hak Industrial Services

Distribution & Networks Services


Transport pipelines and high voltage cables ensure transportation over long distances. But A.Hakpark also brings gas, electricity, water and telecommunication to houses, companies and other buildings.

Basic provisions
In the Netherlands, a major part of the pipelines and cables for basic provisions, such as water, gas, electricity and telephony, has been installed by A.Hak Infranet. Since many years, our daily work comprises, besides the design and installation, also the maintenance and management of this under and aboveground infrastructure. Additionally, we are specialised in heat distribution and steam condensate pipelines, lighting of objects and sports fields, design and installation of traffic regulation installations and the installation of cables alongside the railway.

Telecom solutions
A.Hak Telecom is specialised in the field of design, installation, service and management of above and underground copper, optic fibre and CAI networks. The communication masts of Kaal Masten allow us to also include wireless data and telecommunications traffic in our offering. The Electel Group is specialised in the field of wireless telematics for public safety, transport and broadband communications.

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