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Damaged paper, book bindings, x-rays, and films quickly deteriorate, so a timely and appropriate recovery protocol is necessary to halt the progression of damage and protect what are often highly valuable and irreplaceable documents.

Our specialists are able to rapidly identify the best recovery method for a particular material, based on the value of the documents and the level of damage, always recommending the most fit-for-purpose option. For example, in the right circumstances and cost permitting, freezing documents can drastically reduce the time and cost of restoration. It also prevents the need for mold remediation, page separation and other, more expensive, corrective procedures.

Our document technicians are well trained in information recovery and are up to date on the most advanced techniques available, such as vacuum freeze drying, blast freezing, microbial disinfecting, deodorization, soot removal, etc. Using such techniques enables our technicians to swiftly restore damaged documents either on site, or for higher value items, within a high-security facility.

This specialist service ensures that items of irreplaceable and even national heritage value, are preserved for generations to come.

Cleaning Documents

Our technicians are up to date on the most advanced techniques available for cleaning documents; always ensuring our customers receive a rapid and effective response.

All of the techniques employed are dry – nothing aqueous or liquid based, and include hepa vacuums, dry sponges, brushes and dry erasers to effectively perform surface cleaning, debris removal and microbial removal. This service can be employed on site, or for higher value items, within a high-security facility.

Drying Documents

Polygon’s experienced technicians will recommend the drying method depending on a number of factors – the type and number of documents to be dried, the state and sensitivity of the materials, and the clients need to access the documents.

Once these criteria have been established, a number of drying techniques can be employed including air drying, desiccant air drying, vacuum thermal drying, freeze drying and vacuum freeze drying.

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