Door-to-Door Model


This model has been implemented by providing each household with specialized bins for separate collection of packaging waste. The model stimulates forming stable habits in the people to collecting their waste separately.

The door-to-door model was first introduced in the region of Bankya, a small town with a population of 10 000 situated 15 km in the west of Sofia. The town was selected for its specific infrastructure represented mainly by detached houses, tourist and hydropathic establishments.

The implementation of the project comprises:

  • providing each household with a yellow container for collecting paper, plastics and metal packaging with the capacity of 120l.;
  • placing yellow containers type “Beaver” for collecting paper, plastics and metal packaging with the capacity of 660l. near commercial points, schools, hydropathic establishments and hotels;
  • situating green containers type “Igloo” for collecting glass packaging on crossroads and on main streets;

The project also includes groups of young people explaining how the integrated system for separate waste collection works.

Providing households and public institutions with individual yellow containers secure a high rate of properly separated recyclable waste and serious reduction of the incorrect filling and misuse. The containers are regularly serviced – the yellow ones: once a week, the green ones: once a month.

The Door-to-door model is simple and proving successful. The main reasons for achieving good results are:
sorting the waste at the point of its generation

  • possibility for collecting larger quantities of waste
  • optimized management that guaranties sustainability
  • building a positive image of the municipality

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