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Trenchless pipe Construction: Controlled pipe driving (microtunneling). Without extensive excavations and pit lining work, this method can lay new pipeline networks in all nominal diameters at every depth and in all materials. This method is very economical and has low-environmental-impact.

Trenchless pipe replacement

  • Pipe-centering-process (PCP)
    • The pipe centering process is done with a modified Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM 400) from BOHRTEC with a pulling force of up to 100 tons.
    • This process is especially suitable where a high media density is found around the pipe to be replaced.
  • Burst-lining process
    • Burst-lining is applied for exact replacement of equal-sized or greater pipe diameters. With this process, the old pipe is destroyed with the aid of a burst head and the fragments of the old conduit are forced radial into the surrounding soil. Simultaneously, the tunnel is expanded and the new pipe-laying follows.
  • TIP / bore burst-lining process (Tight-In-Pipe)
    • With TIP (Tight-In-Pipe) process, existing deformed sewer systems of nominal diameter 150 mm to 500 mm can be renewed with the aid of close-fitting PP HM pipes (polypropylene-homopolymer sisal). Since the PP HM pipes are inserted tightly to the old pipe wall, only a minimum cross-sectional loss occurs and no space backfilling is required. Existing house service connections can be restored trenchless with the aid of robots and a cap-profile technology.

Open cut tunnelling

We also do conventional open cut tunneling. We build new drain and sewer systems for you at new residential and commercial areas. This can be done in all nominal diameters, any pipe materials and at every depth.

  • Waste water systems
  • House connections
  • Transition shafts
  • Ground-water lowering
  • Drainage work
  • Separators
  • Reinforced concrete construction
  • Installation works

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