VINCI Construction France

VINCI Construction France

Drinking Water Networks and Systems Maintenance Services


Every year in France, VINCI Construction companies work on a large number of projects including compliance upgrade, network renewal and maintenance operations and utility relocation in connection with light rail construction projects. They also carry out larger projects involving substantial civil engineering work. In the Greater Paris area, for example, they formed a consortium to begin construction of a new 50,000 cu. metre drinking water reservoir with associated structures and connecting pipes in Villejuif; two Soletanche Bachy subsidiaries are also taking part in the project, installing 700 piles and using a TBM to drive a tunnel.

In Overseas France, in addition to the large number of pipeline projects carried out by VINCI Construction Dom-Tom, Sogea Guyane continued several projects designed improve the drinking water supply of the Centre Littoral urban community (CACL), including construction of a drinking water production plant in Matiti, a pumping station and its supply network and work on the 20 km distribution network between Matiti and Cayenne.

In Africa, Sogea-Satom Sogea-Satom carries out a large number of projects aimed at improving drinking water systems, such as in Libreville, Gabon. In Cameroon, Sogea-Satom has begun work to extend a raw water treatment and drinking water production plant in Yaounde to raise its capacity to 50,000 m3/day. 

VINCI Construction Grands Projets is working on an increasing number of international water projects. The company won two new contracts in Jamaica to improve the country's water networks as well as a contract in Pakistan to increase drinking water production capacity and improve operation of the distribution network and commercial service efficiency. It continued the refurbishment and extension of a drinking water network in Djibouti and the renovation of a treatment plant to improve the drinking water supply of the city of Trincomalee in the northern part of Sri Lanka.

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