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Drinking Water Quality Control Services


Vitens conducts inspections of the water 365 days a year. This is done at every stage of the drinking water process, from the well to the tap. The Water Supply Decree includes precise details of the substances that are permitted to be present in the water and at what concentrations. It also stipulates how the quality of drinking water must be inspected. Safeguarding public health is obviously the most important starting point but standards also apply to the water’s odour, colour, taste and hardness. Vitens does everything possible to supply water of a higher quality than that prescribed by the standards.

We analyse water at the Vitens laboratory to detect pathogenic bacteria for example, such as E.coli, which is a faecal contamination indicator, Legionella, heavy metals, and organic substances but also pesticides and medicine residues.
We generally find no cause for concern about the quality of the drinking water. However, if we do detect an increased level of a given substance we don’t wait for it to reach the maximum allowed concentration. Vitens takes action immediately when abnormal concentrations are detected.
The laboratory is constantly acquiring knowledge, developing new methods and introducing innovations to improve monitoring and further safeguard drinking water quality in the future. The quality of drinking water in the Netherlands is among the highest in the world.

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