Raw Materials Company

Drum Program



This program is ideal for the generator that fills more then one battery box per month, per site.

RMC arranges the delivery of a UN approved 45 gallon or 30-gallon collection container to your site. Batteries are accumulated in the drum, once full RMC arranges for the pickup and removal of the drum, as well as replacement with a new container for further collection.

RMC has several collection receptacles that are tastefully decorated for accumulation of the batteries at various locations within your site. These collections are then consolidated in to a master collection container (UN certified Drum), usually in your waste storage area or shipping-receiving department. Once this container is full you simply call our toll free number located on the side of the collection container for a pick up and replacement.

We can also offer collection of Mercury bearing wastes such as (lamps, bulbs, switches etc) as well as Electronic Wastes (Computers, Monitors, PDAs, Cell Phones, Printers, Copiers etc.)

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