Due Diligence


3E is a preferred partner for risk mitigation strategy and full risk assessment of projects, recognized by financial institutions and the investor community and with over 10 years of experience in wind and solar.Generally the scope of typical due diligence on renewable energy projects is too narrow. We go beyond the standard P90 analyses in both wind and solar to cover all project risks and minimize losses from design to operation.

We provide risk assessments throughout the life cycle of projects and reinforce our expertise with continuous market feed-back.

All our data analysis results are bankable.

In addition, our renewable energy portfolio performance optimization tools help asset managers and investors maintain control on project risks throughout system operation, by providing continuous monitoring, easy cross-referencing and reliable benchmarking.


Clear technical reviews for better decision making on solar PV investments

We focus on risk identification and reliable mitigation strategies to avoid losses and ensure higher financial return on solar PV investments

Our independent due diligence services for solar PV project lenders and investors provide reliable insight on:

  • project structure and planning,
  • solar resource and long term yield,
  • photovoltaic technology,
  • contracts and construction process.

We use the expertise gained from technical guidance work throughout the solar PV project development lifecycle to provide expert due diligence services that investors worldwide can trust and rely upon.

We monitor construction of solar PV plants and perform inspections and provisional / final acceptance tests to control solar PV plant quality and make sure systems are built according to plan.

Our in-depth methodologies are based on a 15 year track record in solar PV and extensive on-site practical experience for both roof integrated and ground mounted PV installations.


At planning, feasibility and design stages, misclassified sites, incorrect measurements or grid connection errors can reduce profit from a wind farm investment from 0 to 60%.

To minimize these losses, it is crucial to get an accurate view of one's investments that takes into account a maximum number of constraints.

We go further than any other expert service provider in wind and carry out full-scope due diligence of wind projects from design phase through operational phase.

We go beyond the traditional yield check and technology review to help mitigate risk further and give our clients a full view on the potential of a new wind project or on the viability of an operational project in brokerage.

We also provide due diligence service and quality checks through contracting, realization and operations phases to help optimize performance further and increase return on investment.

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