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- Model Migration Service


Maybe you wish to use Sumo but don’t have the desire to rebuild plant models that were already developed and calibrated in older packages. In those cases when you have a model in another simulation package that can write a comprehensive report automatically, we are offering a migration service to our customers. You send us the report and we’ll send back the equivalent configuration in Sumo. This service is free of charge until at least the end of 2018 or further notice. Later it may cost 100-500 US per configuration depending on the complexity and the number of models to be converted.

  • we can provide a dynamic simulation engine powering your own application
  • we can implement environmental knowledge solutions (training, design, operation) in any kind of software environment (C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, Qt, Visual Studio, VBA, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.)

  • we evaluate advanced process technologies including industrial treatment systems
  • we have advanced methods to establish experimental data quality and analyze & optimize process performance based on data

We are developing, advancing, applying and publishing mathematical models for the description of

  • Biokinetic degradation and conversion processes (advanced BNR)
  • Equilibrium chemistry based methods (pH and precipitation estimation)
  • Physico-chemical separation and conversion processes

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