Ecosystems Ltd.

Ecosystems Ltd.

Ecological Consultancy Services


Ecosystems Ltd. provides a range of specialist services in the ecological field, including: protection area management, ecological baseline survey, conservation project development and implementation, ecological impact assessment and monitoring, ecological restoration and conservation, ecotourism planning.

These services are important for infrastructural, industrial, residential and recreational developments, and other projects where landuse is altered or undeveloped areas are affected by human activity.

Most projects are undertaken on a subcontracting basis, with Ecosystems Ltd. providing its ecological expertise to environmental, engineering and planning consultancies. Typical assignments include baseline survey, ecological impact assessment, ecological monitoring, and habitat restoration. Clients of the company include private industry, governments, and other consulting firms.

In the broader environmental field, Ecosystems Ltd. is linked into a network of Hong Kong-, China- and regional-based consultants with expertise in a range of issues including air, water and noise pollution and solid waste management. Ecosystems Ltd., in cooperation with these firms, can supply expertise in the full.

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