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To achieve the required type of end-product different standard WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling plants are available. These standard plants are also the starting point when plants are tailored to suit specific customer requirements. The flexibility of the modular approach means that a number of combinations can be obtained, ranging from a single machine to complete systems. The Eldan plants are designed for automatic processing, i.e. staff is required for surveillance only.


In the Eldan WEEE Recycling Plants most of the items mentioned in the EU WEEE Directive Annex 1B can be processed. Exceptions are Refrigerators/ Freezers, which instead are processed in Eldan refrigerator plants.

The system offered by Eldan Recycling for processing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is modular and designed to process the following types of input:

  • Computer scrap containing main frame computers, personal computers, keyboards, monitors without glass tubes, printers, faxes etc.
  • Small home appliances containing videos, TV sets without glass tubes, record players, CD players, hair dryers, toasters, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, irons, micro wave ovens etc.
  • Handheld tools such as drilling machines, grinding machines etc.
  • Electrical scrap such as contactors, relays, main breakers, fuses, contact bars, switches, instruments etc.
  • Electronic and telegraphic scrap such as electro mechanical switchboards/relays, computerized switchboards, printed circuit boards etc.
  • Small electrical motors up to approx. 1 - 1,5 HP


From an Eldan WEEE Recycling Plant you can for example get the following output;

  • Various fraction of Ferrous and SS (Stainless Steel).
  • Various fraction of non-ferrous metals (Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's))
  • Refining material containing Copper, Brass, Zinc, Lead and Precious Metals (PM) etc.
  • Organic fraction with plastic, rubber, tree, textile etc.
  • Dust

The standard setup for the Eldan WEEE Recycling Plant include a Ring Shredder (1), a Tumble back Feeder (3), a Multi Purpose Rasper (4), a Heavy Granulator (6)and a Separation Table (7). We offer you standard plants with capacities ranging from 800-5,000 kg/production hour according to average capacities below;

  • WEEE Plant R807 / Mini Module: up to 800 kg/hour *
  • WEEE Plant: up to 1,000 kg/hour *
  • WEEE Plant: up to 1,500 kg/hour *
  • WEEE Plant: up to 2,000 kg/hour *
  • WEEE Shredder Plant S1000: up to 3,000-4,000 kg/hour *
  • WEEE Shredder Plant S1500: up to 5,000-7,000 kg/hour *

These plants are the starting point when systems are tailored to suit specific customer requirements.


The Water Separation System is a cost - effective solution to recover metal dust and fine wires from the plastic fraction after the metal separation. 

By using a well-balanced combination of water, table inclination and oscillating movements you will get an almost clean plastic fraction with metal losses as low as 0.2%. The metal fraction will have a purity of 98-99% (by weight) after drying of the metal. The water is cleaned through sedimentation and is recirculated in a closed system.
The Water Separation System is mainly used in the recycling of:
  • Electronic and electrical waste (i.e. WEEE)
  • Cables (aluminium and copper)

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