Environmental Restoration, LLC (ER)

Emergency Response Services


ER maintains a centralized and dedicated 24-hour, 7 day a week Emergency Response Notification System. Providing Emergency Response for time critical incidents is a priority at ER. Our skilled response teams provide emergency response services for road, rail, waterway and fixed facility incidents from all ER office locations. ER's team of Response Managers and field techs are known in the industry for response expertise and have been trained specifically for response to accidental releases, natural disasters and manmade catastrophes.

  • Inland and Marine Incidents including Hazardous Material and Oil Spills- OSRO Member
  • Railroad Derailments and Over-the-Road Incidents
  • Industrial/Fixed Facility Incidents
  • Known and Unknown Chemical Releases Response
  • Comprehensive Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Response Agreements to Meet Regulatory Obligations

Our dedicated response teams have provided services for over 3500 time critical incidents of varying size and response needs. This level of experience for a variety of response incidents gives us the know-how to move quickly and efficiently in responding to an incident as required. Our objective at each incident is to provide efficient response actions including mitigation and remediation to minimize exposure of life, health and environmental damage, while containing recovery costs and limiting disruption to our client's on-going operations.

ER personnel are regulatory compliant, ICS (Incident Command System) trained.

ER has been a critical resource, providing personnel and equipment for our country's major emergency incidents including:

  • 'Ground Zero' response following the 9/11 attacks
  • Anthrax decontamination of the Senate Building in Washington D.C.
  • Recovery of sensitive items following the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
  • Emergency Response actions following Hurricanes Rita/ Katrina
  • Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Spill

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