Emergency Response Services


Patriot is raising the bar for response services for both land and water based spills. The management team at Patriot has responded to thousands of spills. The Patriot team is well versed in the “Incident Command System” approach to spill response. Patriot’s personnel are highly skilled and experienced in major crisis management in all phases including command, assessment (SCAT), planning, documentation, logistics, operations, and health and safety. Following Federal and State regulatory requirements, Patriot is held to the highest standards for spill response and prides itself in our unparalleled ability to respond quickly to incidents in the areas where Patriot provides immediate emergency services.

Patriot Environmental Services Maritime Spill Response Team (MSRT) maintains its fleet of industry designed vessels equipped with the latest in communication and navigational electronics.   These highly specialized resources are maintained by thorough, daily equipment and vessel inspections. On-going safety training, on-water boom deployment and response strategy assessements assures each client immediate and reliable response to any and all emergencies 24 hours a day 365 days per year. Our services include:

  1. 24-Hour Response for Oil, Chemical and other Hazmat Spills
  2. Standby services to meet State and Federal AMPD and Shoreline Protection Requirements
  3. Spill Response Equipment and site Decontamination
  4. NOAA “ERMA” trained personnel
  5. Response Contracts to meet State and Federal requirements
  6. Support Vessels, Tugs, Tank Barges for Temporary Storage
  7. HAZWOPER and Specialized Response Trained Personnel
  8. Coast Guard Approved B.O.A. Contractor
  9. Coast Guard OSRO Approved Contractor
  10. OSPR Rated OSRO
  11. Derelict Vessel Response
  12. Custom-Tailored Tabletop Drills and Equipment Deployment Exercises
  13. ICS certified personnel and utilization of ICS documentation and support during incidents

Patriot Environmental Services Emergency Management Department (EMD) is responsible for training, coordinating and dispatching personnel and equipment immediately, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. All responders maintain a state of constant readiness with fully equipped and maintained response vehicles: reducing response time to an incident.  Trained to safely and quickly respond while reacting to all aspects of an incident, we respond, manage, document and mitigate an incident from the time we receive notification.

  1. Hazardous Materials Spill Response
  2. Non-Hazardous spill response
  3. PCB Spill Response
  4. Residential/Commercial Fuel Spill
  5. Bio-Hazard Response
  6. Trauma Scene Cleanup
  7. Natural Disaster Response & Services
  8. Aviation Incident Emergency Response
  9. Medical Facility Response
  10. Train Derailment
  11. Transformer Spill Response
  12. Tanker Truck Rollover Response & Transfer
  13. Pipeline Release Response

Man-made or natural disasters are one large event that often contain multiple incidents, each with its own unique challenges and hazards. Patriots combined experience in all aspects of response allows for mitigation of each individual incident while simultaneously managing the overall disaster. Our experience and understanding of the Incident Command System and “cross-platform” response methodology enables a coordinated response among various jurisdictions and functional agencies, both public and private.

  1. Pre-incident staging of response personnel & equipment
  2. Hazard material and waste removal & profiling
  3. Debris Management
  4. Demolition
  5. Remediation
  6. Command Trailer
  7. Mobile power and communication

Patriot has built a solid reputation as the leading decontamination experts in our industry, authoring volumes of manuals and videos documenting proper procedures and safety requirements. From moving the assets, deconstructing, documenting, choosing the proper products and procedures, reconstructing, then delivering, Patriot has surpassed all competitors. Having constructed and managed the largest decontamination pools in the world, clients understand the value in turning over expensive assets to the right hands.

  1. Response equipment
  2. Vessels (3 meters to 80 meters)
  3. Over the water transfers
  4. Facility Decontamination
  5. Confined Space entry and rescue
  6. Heavy equipment and machinery
  7. Resource and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance
  8. Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) compliance
  9. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) compliance
  10. Real Estate Decontamination

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