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Emergency Response Services


Emergency Response Services; When clients need our services quickly, Calgon Carbon delivers-offering a wide variety of equipment, activated carbon, specialty products, and field personnel for rapid response applications. Suitably sized treatment equipment and appropriate media can be quickly dispatched from well-maintained inventories to application sites. Regional field personnel can supervise equipment installation and provide operator training. 24-hour emergency response. Stock equipment available for immediate shipment. Team of experts ready for mobilization and quick response.

Dual Express
Calgon Carbon's Dual Express is a carbon adsorption system specifically designed to provide a rapid solution to a temporary problem. For emergency situations where quick response is critical, it can be dispatched to a customer's site within hours of notification and operation can begin immediately after set-up. Calgon Carbon personnel are available to supervise system start-up.

Dual Express is ideal for periodic or temporary use where a permanent system would not be economical such as:

  • Emergency wastewater treatment
  • Cooling or process water purification
  • Acid decolorization
  • Alcohol purification
  • Amine purification

Mobile Adsorption Service
Calgon Carbon maintains an inventory of trailer-mounted mobile adsorption equipment that can be dispatched within 24 hours. Moments after arrival at the site, with just two simple hose connections, the pre-piped Mobile Adsorber can be fully operational. The pre-piped mobile systems contain 14,000 pounds of granular activated carbon and are capable of treating up to 225 gpm of a liquid stream that equates to 15 minutes of carbon contact time.

  • Dispatched on 24-hours notice
  • Self-supporting
  • Convenient
  • Returns spent carbon for reactivation

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