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Engineering advisory service on fire damage claims for recycling plants, waste processes and equipment. Axion’s team of experienced engineers can provide rapid assessment following damage claims for recycling plants and processes and equipment within the recycling and waste reprocessing sector. We offer specialist advice to insurers, reinsurers, loss adjusters, brokers, solicitors, owners and other insurance industry professionals.

We are experienced in working on cases that involve catastrophe, explosion or fire damage claims for recycling plant and equipment, business operation interruption and consequential loss.

The team can report on the scope of the damage and evaluate equipment and machinery, from single machines to entire reprocessing facilities. We can carry out on-site inspections of plant, equipment, machinery, mechanical and electrical services to provide accurate assessment of whether repair or replacement is required and draw up reinstatement estimates.

In addition, we can:

  • Assess business interruption losses including review of process production data and reinstatement timescales.
  • Evaluate reinstatement proposals including procurement strategies, contract assessment and award.
  • Determine quantum and estimate costs of permanent and temporary reinstatement works.

Our team of experienced engineers draws on deep technical knowledge of the recycling and processing sectors to offer expert advice on claims for recycling plants and equipment. The team is skilled at understanding plant design, processes, materials, equipment specification and capital cost estimates.

Our process engineers specialise in a range of materials recycling and re-processing technologies, including:

  • mechanical biological treatment (MBT)
  • anaerobic digestion (AD)
  • materials recovery facilities (MRFs)
  • energy from waste (EfW)
  • plastics and polymer processing
  • scrap metal recycling
  • chemical manufacture

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