Headwaters Resources, Inc.

Engineering and Design Services


Headwaters Resources and our sister company Headwaters Plant Services have extensive experience in the design and construction of clay, PVC, and HDPE liners under various field conditions. Headwaters can also design and specify leachate collection, pumping, and storage systems. Our portfolio of civil design services includes construction of structural fills for real estate development, industrial railroad siding, hydrology/hydraulics, and stream diversion and unloading systems designs.

For facility design, Headwaters can provide plans and specifications for the construction of new facilities and for expansion or retrofit of existing ones. Headwaters can also provide complete design services in the areas of foundations and soil mechanics, concrete structures and retaining walls, structural steel, masonry, and composite construction design. Our specific design experience covers systems that include dry material silos, pneumatic and dense phase transfer, baghouses, belt and screw conveyors, mixing, pelletization, screening, dewatering equipment, and related instrumentation and control systems. Headwaters can also provide engineering services for the design, procurement, and installation of bulk powder storage facilities and rail to truck terminals.

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