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Engineering Design & Technical Support


Strobic Air’s technical/engineering staff has considerable experience working with architects, consulting engineers and contractors. We offer many support services for planning new and/or retrofit roof exhaust systems. In addition to comprehensive and realistic performance/ engineering data, we can provide guidance, if desired, for appropriate wind and/or noise studies to pinpoint possible areas of re-entrainment or noise, and eliminate problems prior to system design and construction. Technical literature specifically related to architectural issues is also available.

Technical and Field Support

Strobic Air technical and sales engineers can also provide valuable support services–for you and your clients–such as performance and cost comparisons of Tri-Stack® systems vs. alternative methods of pollution abatement, as well as informative presentations on system design, construction, operation, and advantages. These support services have proved useful for building owners and/or managers who are considering new or retrofit systems. We can also provide computer-generated sound calculations to the property line or into the facility, an extensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing file that includes 3-dimensional views, and a comprehensive resource library of technical/tutorial/applications articles as well as case studies on Tri-Stack® installations.

Safety Design Response Team

Our Safety Design Response Team is also available to help analyze your existing pollution abatement and/or odor control system, without obligation. The Team is composed of in-house fan/system engineers and designers in a wide variety of disciplines associated with ventilation and exhaust applications. Chances are we can offer a number of alternative design plans to enhance performance, add efficiency, lower costs, reduce stack heights, add redundancy, and provide for future growth.

Consult Our Safety Response Team. We'll work together to assure compliance with all safety standards and regulations.

Tri-Stack Fan Selection Program

Strobic Air offers a unique Fan Selection Program at which helps reduce system engineering time substantially. Intended for end users, engineers and design professionals, this site provides access to the selection program and sound calculator, and even allowing the user to save information for later retrieval.

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