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For more than 30 years, Kimre product engineers and application specialists have been solving process gas stream and emission problems in plants around the world. This experience results in a superior understanding of gas and vapor stream separation and mass and heat transfer. We have a special insight into the effects of these dynamics on system energy consumption and separation effectiveness.

Process engineers, environmental engineers and production managers in operations as diverse as fertilizer, sulfuric acid, waste-to-energy and power plants recognize Kimre as a valuable resource. We are respected as a resource that is not only knowledgeable, but also one that is responsive and committed to boosting production and efficiency in the chemical processing industry.

Kimre engineers routinely analyze gas-stream applications and help customers determine the optimal, cost-effective separation solution. Based on consideration of gas-stream parameters - such as size and nature of mist or solid particles to be removed, temperature and chemical compatibility of materials, and open area necessary for effective liquid handling - Kimre designs and recommends custom solutions which minimize pressure drop and system energy costs while increasing throughput.

Maximizing the effectiveness and productivity of the process by incorporating the Kimre separation solution requires selection of the right ancillary components such as spray equipment, nozzles, and pumps. Kimre can recommend the appropriate choice of components to ensure optimal, overall system performance.

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