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Accurate and reliable solutions to water system data collection and field based measurement requirements.

Fire Flow Testing

The procedure involves measuring the available flow under normal system conditions from fire hydrants and checking pressures on the water system, both static and residual. Once flow capacities have been determined, the hydrants can be painted and colour coded for future reference. The procedure and rating of the fire fighting capacity of each hydrant is completed in accordance with the NFPA Standard 291 'Recommended Practice for Fire Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants'.

'C' Factor Testing

An industry standard pitot gauge is used to measure the flow from a hydrant, and high-resolution pressure recorders are installed on hydrants to accurately record the pressure variations associated with the flows being drawn from the water main. This procedure is used to assess the existing pipe condition by plotting the Hydraulic Grade Line over the length of main under consideration. The amount of head loss registered over the main will indicate if there are problems such as blockages, closed valves or poor main conditions.

Insertion Meter Flow Monitoring

Watermark Solutions Ltd. can install portable, semi-permanent flow meters at any point in a distribution system. Typically used for large diameter mains or long term installations, an electromagnetic insertion flow meter is installed directly into the watermain via a simple 2' tapping. This equipment is fully submersible, battery-operated, stable and accurate. Communication options are local, displayed or wireless.

Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring

Ultrasonic flow meters have been specially designed for use in survey applications such as leakage monitoring and network analysis. These are non-intrusive data loggers that clamp on to the outside of a pipe, and will record the cumulative volume of water in various formats. The ultrasonic flow meters are calibrated and have an accuracy rate of ±1% to 2%, and can be used on a wide range of pipes and systems. Pipe sizes range from 1/2' up to 36', and are capable of measuring a vast range of fluids. Measure the volume of water an industrial process consumes, record the makeup water for your cooling tower, or monitor an entire buildings water use down to the minute. This valuable data can be used as part of a water audit to identify areas of water consumption and potential savings.

Pressure Monitoring

Watermark Solutions Ltd offers a variety of pressure data loggers that can be installed on any system including fire hydrants, pressure reducing valves (PRV), municipal buildings, and smaller private systems to monitor and record pressure variations for any given period of time. This data can be used to calibrate water network computer models, monitor low or high points of elevation in your pressure zone, or send an alarm when predetermined conditions are met (e.g. above 120 psi).

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