Enviro-Vac Corp.

Enviro-Vac Loaders - Efficient Cleanup For Asbestos & Other Hazardous Materials



Productivity Gains: Enviro-Vacuum loaders reduce the required manpower and the complexity of the industrial vacuuming or asbestos removal process and permits a corresponding increase in supervisory effectiveness. Use of the vacuum loader means Enviro-Vac will realize greater productivity and improved site sanitation with an added measure of SAFETY...all at lower cost to you.

Safe & cost-effective. Using the vacuum loader & automated bagger results in reduced bag handling (75% fewer bags carried a shorter distance by fewer workers) greatly decreases the risk of unplanned decontamination problems. You can accomplish more work in less time while reducing container and disposal charges in the process.

  • Conveying rate-water 220/280 gallons per minute (max.)
  • Conveying rate-dirt, 6/9 ton per hour (25 TPH max.)
  • Convey wet asbestos for auto bagging
  • Convey dry asbestos for wet auto bagging
  • Convey dirt for auto bagging
  • Convey water for auto bagging

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