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Having a positive impact on the world around us. Protecting the environment is more important than it has ever been and preserving the fragile ecosystems and ensuring the health and safety of the communities near mine sites, can present challenges to launching a successful operation. Regulatory agencies across the globe are becoming increasingly vigilant and have rigorous requirements for obtaining the necessary permits. At Ausenco, we understand the importance of providing ethical, economical and environmental solutions for our clients’ that meet international standards. Our environmental solutions are world-class, successfully completing projects in some of the most challenging environments across the globe, to read about these exciting projects, click on the related case studies.

Ausenco offers ecosystem risk management services that provide sustainability concepts from design through to project execution. Ecosystem and sustainability services are benchmarked to internationally recognised standards and protocols for risk minimisation assurance. Services include:

  • Sustainability in design
  • Hazard and operability analysis
  • Water resource management (conservation and protection)
  • Stakeholder mapping and community relations programs
  • Integrated health and safety
  • Environment and social risk management

Ausenco utilises GHG quantification as the foundation for environment and energy footprint performance management. In addition, the data integrates with stakeholder engagement programming and client based reporting initiatives across a project’s lifecycle.

Our energy management consulting services offer innovative technology and adaption featuring renewable and alternative energy technology options and the integration of data systems into corporate and project management. Specialisations include energy efficiency (operations and maintenance) studies, management systems and renewable energy cost-benefit evaluation.

Ausenco provides strategic insights beyond a project’s technical, environmental and social assessments. We evaluate the opportunities and challenges arising from a project’s operational, environmental and energy considerations in conjunction with the social, financial and technical aspects of a project’s lifecycle.

This service uses the traditional scope of environmental and social impact assessment and baseline studies, with license and permit compliance assurance as its foundation.

Ecosystem risk management solutions are applied to bring sustainability concepts from design through to project execution.

Services are benchmarked to internationally recognised standards and protocols for risk minimisation assurance. These include, but are not limited to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 26000, sectoral sustainability initiatives (ICMM), sustainable development-related protocols (UN global compact, equator principles, WRI).

We can assist our clients’ with all stages of site remediation. Our full range of services range from site characterisation through to final clean-up confirmation to comply with regulatory requirements. We strive to provide practical, cost effective solutions to minimise our clients environmental risks, eliminate contamination and maximise the value of our clients project.

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