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Increasingly the legislative and planning aspects of development and other guidelines require environmental and architectural based skills to be applied with experienced technical and engineering back up to projects. We can provide a comprehensive service from particular and specialised aspects to tender documentation and monitoring the work. Our experienced and practical skills base compliments our comprehensive technical base. This allows us to tailor our advice to your application.


With a keen eye on reducing payback times many of our commissions result in the identification of multi use environmental recomendations providing year on year benefit (for example; coppice for hedging and fuel, moss/sedum planting behind solar cells for cooling, planting for solar shading, biomass, habitat etc).

Impact Assesments EIAs, data aquisition, surveys, horticultural and landscape works form the core of these activities.We use a variety of analysis systems from computer based modelling through to detailed drawings and field observations of the flora, fauna and other aspects of the built environment.

Our desk top studies have included predicting the methane output of landfill sites and geophysical features and modelling wind solar and water flows.

We are used to carrying out surveys in many environments and are equipped from the marine to the mountains. Some of the toughest are the neglected overgrown urban sites where as the messiest are definitely marshes and swamps.

Architectural Services We combine engineering and architecture. Both these are embedded in all the other services we provide. By close collaboration with a number of external service providors we can inject sustainability into all projects. managed by our in house architects

Environmental Services All of our activities centre around the environment to some degree. Within our team we have extensive experience in the horticultural/ geophysical and testing aspects of the agenda. We can usually redress any imbalances and identify simple methods of improving your environment.

Being members of the Small Woods Association, the Royal Horticultural Society and a host of other Societies we are up to date and well connected. We are also suppliers of Alnus Glutinosa Whips and black water reed beds amongst other related products.

Our team has extensive experience of the latest statutory instruments and best practices.

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