Environmental Auditing & Environmental Site Assessment Service



Environmental audit provides client with information how the environmental matters are managed and addressed throughout an audited organisation. ENVIGEO has experienced stuff in many areas of work. This provides our clients with a wide range of experience and depth of knowledge, enabling risks to be systematically identified, qualified and prioritised.

Environmental Site Assessment
Special kind of environmental auditing is environmental site assessment (ESA), taking place mostly prior to site development. It can be undertaken in phased manner. The results of each phase are reported separately, such that clients can commission one or all phases depending on the findings of each phase.

Intrusive investigation techniques include: soil and ground water sampling, soil gas survey (Draeger portable instrument and detection tubes), using Geoprobes and/or drilling machines. Longer term monitoring of ground water is provided by monitoring well installations.

Offered Services

  • Environmental auditing according to STN EN ISO 14010 “Instructions for environmental audit - general regulations” and corresponding EN ISO Standards
  • Environmental auditing according to ASTM E1527-00 (ESA - Environmental Site Assessment Methodology)
  • Environmental auditing customized to client requirements

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