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Environmental Compliance Audit



An environmental compliance audit evaluates the regulations that pertain to a business or industrial facility and identifies areas where the facility may have compliance concerns.

Standards set forth in federal and state regulations for air emissions, wastewater discharge, stormwater management, hazardous waste management, SPCC and FRP Plans, Tier II and TRI reporting, along with other applicable regulations, require businesses to address the following general issues:

  • Registration and licensing requirements
  • Inspection, data collection and monitoring requirements
  • Sampling, labeling, posting and disposal documentation requirements
  • Plan development, implementation, review and revision requirements
  • Employee training requirements
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Agency notification requirements

Nova conducts both facility wide multi-media (air, water, waste, etc.) compliance audits and audits that focus on one area of compliance, such as waste management audits (universal, hazardous and industrial waste management).

An environmental compliance audit examines each of the regulations applicable to the specific facility, evaluates the actions conducted by the facility to maintain and demonstrate compliance with the requirements and summarizes the findings. Nova's report provides our clients with a status of both current compliance findings and compliance related concerns (Best Management Practices). The report provides a clear outline of action items that need to be taken and Nova will also provide guidance to help prioritize the steps needed to achieve compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations based on risk. Through this process, our clients gain a better understanding of environmental compliance obligations as well as possible increased efficiencies, improved management techniques and associated cost savings.

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