COMM Engineering
COMM Engineering

Environmental Consulting & Compliance Services


COMM helps customers maintain compliance with regulations and implement their overall environmental strategy.  We serve our clients in many ways by providing expert knowlege, systems and services. With air emissions becoming tremendously more important, greenouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories and controls are now essential. From initial calculations, to field measurements, EMS solutions and technology solutions, we are your one stop source. COMM walks each step of the way with our customers. We identify emission sources, quantify emissions through calculation methods or field measurement from each source, and create a profitable recovery system and reduce emissions. We fully understand regulatory requirements and guide our clients down the right path to stay ahead of compliance. Our environmental services mean you can have it both ways...improve the environment while increasing profit once lost to unnecessary emissions...and COMM can make it possible.

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • COMM STACKtester - Testing of engines greater than 500 HP
  • LDEQ approved method for stack testing of engines
  • Fixed costs
  • Coordination by COMM with LDEQ
  • Quick turnaround reporting

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