Agriconsulting Europe SA . AESA

Agriconsulting Europe SA . AESA

Environmental Consulting Services



The AESA ENVIRONMENT Department provides consulting services and technical advice for both natural and industrialised areas. It concentrates on the sustainable management of environment and in the management of the natural resources of the environment, including: Biodiversity, Wildlife, Soil, Water, especially in Watershed areas and Coastal zones.

AESA is also well versed in the practicalities of

  • Eco-tourism,
  • Pollution and waste management,
  • Ameliorating desertification

Furthermore AESA has rendered specialised assistance to competent Institutions such as Environment Ministries with regard to the approximation to EU environmental policy and legislation.

AESA Environment Department offers services of diagnostic and monitoring, planning, programmes implementation, and Institutional Building and Strengthening in the environment sector, such as:

  • Environmental and social assessments
  • Development and management of environmental monitoring systems
  • Feasibility studies, market surveys, and environmental impact analyses
  • Sustainable management of natural environment, coastal, and marine resources
  • Biodiversity conservation and management
  • Land use management, planning and development , including urban and coastal zones areas
  • Ecotourism development
  • Preparation of sector and national environmental strategies
  • Preparation of protected areas management plans
  • Set-up and management of protected areas
  • Monitoring and enforcement of legislative environmental and marine standards
  • Environmental education, awareness-raising, information-sharing, training
  • Management of environmental development funds
  • Establishing environmental standards and legislation, especially provision of assistance in the approximation of requirements of EU environmental legislation
  • Integration and harmonization of regional environmental policy
  • Monitoring and enforcement of legislative environmental and marine standards

For a very refined and specialised preparation and implementation of large-scale studies and projects in the field of biodiversity conservation and natural resources management, AESA is one of the members of AGRECO ( a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) which was established in 1992, and whose major focal areas and fields of specialisation are precisely biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of environment.

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