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Whittlemore & Haigh Engineering Inc.

Environmental Engineering Services


Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments. Soil and Groundwater Characterization. PA Act 1989-32 (Chapter 245) Remediation. PA Act 2 (Chapter 250) Remediation. Design of Remedial Systems - Pump and Treat, In-Situ/Ex-Situ Bioremediation, Natural Attenuation, Soil Gas Vapor Extraction. Public Water Supply Permitting. NPDES General, Individual and Joint Water/Wastewater Permitting. SPCC, PPC, SPR, EA and SWPP Plans. Residual Waste Reporting. SARA Title III Tier II Reporting. Facility Wide, Natural Minor and Synthetic Minor Air Quality Permitting. Source Permitting/Testing. Watershed Modeling.

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