Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

Environmental, Health and Safety Services


CTA´s Environmental Health and Safety department team has chemical and environmental engineers with experience in planning and developing environmental, health and occupational safety studies.  These involves, among others, environmental baseline data gathering which allow determining the environmental quality before the implementation of a project, and subsequent monitoring in order to determine changes and trends during time.  Other studies provided are the health and safety compliances audits and monitoring.  The EHS services also provide industries with the information and tools needed to facilitate the accreditation process.

Some of CTA´s studies include:

Environmental quality

  • Water, air (gases and particulate matter), and soil quality.
  • Sound pressure levels, odors, flow measurement and meteorological monitoring.
  • Stacks emissions.
  • Environmental audits.
  • Emissions inventory and carbon footprint.

Occupational safety and health

  • Measurement of particulate matter, gases, electromagnetic fields, sound pressure levels, illumination, and vibrations.
  • Audiodosimetries.
  • Thermal comfort and ergonomic studies.
  • Measurement of compressed air under ISO 8573-1 standards.
  • Health and occupational safety audits.

Environmental, health, and occupational safety system documentation:

  • Work risk evaluations by area or working positions.
  • Emergency and risk reductions response plans.
  • Manuals of environmental, health and occupational safety management systems.
  • Manuals for contractors and operative procedures.

As part of the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), CTA uses approved field methodologies, certified calibrated equipment, accredited laboratories and professional services of senior consultants and reviewers.

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