Fuss and O’Neill

Fuss and O’Neill

  • Public scoping
  • Alternatives development
  • Impact analysis
  • Mitigation planning
  • Cumulative impact analysis
  • Preparation of checklists and other documentation for Categorical Exclusions
  • Public outreach and facilitation
  • Preparation of legal notices and coordinating publication
  • Agency coordination and facilitation
  • Distribution of documents
  • Response to comments
  • Supporting studies

Our staff has prepared National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents pursuant to regulations of the Federal Highway Administration, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Communications Commission, and Federal Aviation Administration. We have also prepared numerous environmental documents to satisfy compliance with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA), Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA), and New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).

Fuss & O'Neill has provided NEPA and State Environmental Policy Act services on behalf of numerous clients for projects in institutional, suburban, and urban settings for actions related to:

  • Commercial development
  • Downtown revitalization/redevelopment
  • University campus development
  • Coastal erosion mitigation
  • Medical center construction
  • Roadways
  • Rail/Mass Transit
  • Greenways
  • Dam/watershed projects
  • Airport expansion
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure improvement
  • Affordable housing

Our team is able to provide the expertise necessary to evaluate existing conditions and potential impacts to natural resources, infrastructure, and cultural resources, as well as socioeconomic and environmental justice issues.

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