de maximis Data Management Solutions (ddms)

Environmental Industry Services

ddms specializes in providing data management services to clients faced with managing the vast amounts of data which are associated with medium to large scale environmental projects.  ddms can help to assimilate, manage and visualize the data to maximize the return on your data investment while providing you with an ability to make accurate and effective crucial project decisions.

Often times, teams tasked with moving an environmental site forward are inundated with data from past consultants, current investigations, and the public domain while they operate under contractual obligations which require obtaining and digesting state and federal regulatory limits and electronic data delivery (EDD) formats.  ddms can help by providing quality data management services so that project team members can focus on obtaining project goals.  By compiling all historic and contemporary data into one normalized database, one can query the data set and actually obtain answers to complex inquires which are usually cost prohibitive to ask.

ddms provides advanced data visualization services to enable project stakeholders to view and understand data in a manner which is impossible simply by looking at tables and graphs.  ddms employs the industry's most advanced and cutting edge software to develop insightful and informative illustrations in a cost effective manner.

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