Environmental Choices, Inc.

Environmental Choices, Inc.

Environmental Infrastructure Project Development Services


Environmental Choices, Inc. provides environmental infrastructure project development, project management, and operations and maintenance services to project owners, designers, general contractors, and project investors in the areas of solid waste management facilities, hazardous waste management, clean water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems, recycling systems, climate control systems (dykes and levees), and rural road systems.

EC's services include assistance in developing contracting strategies, contract document reviews, construction assessment and schedule reviews, project owner representative during construction, general contractor services, sub-contractor management services, technologies identification and procurement, operations and maintenance services, and preparation of monthly status and cost reports. EC also provides services in quality surveys, feasibility studies, cost estimates, economic evaluation and modeling, site evaluation, planning and scheduling, and materials management.

In addition we provide complimentary services in the areas of: financing sourcing, project management, project development support activities, and project related feasibility studies, project planning, government and legal compliance support, as well as design and engineering services.

EC also provides 'Project Owner Representation' services for all phases of design and construction, from project inception through project completion and closeout. Services are focused on project planning and execution, budget and cost control, scheduling, contractor selection and management, materials management, quality control systems, productivity management, change orders and claims mitigation.

We provide services through our in-house team of professionals, and also through our network of partnerships with international and local contractors and technology providers.

Through our technology partnerships, we design, manufacture and supply state of the art oil and solvent recovery systems as well as on-going operations and management services of any of our systems, such as:

Waste Oil Recovery System which utilizes:

  • Atmospheric pressure distillation
  • High vacuum thin film evaporation, and,
  • Re-activating clay filtration systems which transform waste motor oils back into base lube oils.
  • These systems are modular in design, making it relatively easy to increase capacity when needed.
  • Sludge and slop oil treatment systems.
  • Solvent recovery systems which have advantages such as:
  • Custom designed
  • Recovering processing solvents from the waste stream for re-use by the factory
  • Saving the factory money on new solvent purchases, waste disposal, and liability.

Our scope of activities in the water treatment business includes:

Consultation and Preparation of Project Legal Documents that are relevant to Environment Issues

Future Projects

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Protection Commitment
  • Project environment management and protection solutions.

For on-going projects

  • Environmental Protection and Management Plans
  • Hazardous Sources Registration
  • Environmental Monitoring Reports
  • Ratification of environment protection projects.

Design consultation, supervision of environment protection projects

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Waste Management Systems
  • Noise Pollution Control Systems

Technology and Equipment Supply

  • Equipment (complete systems, parts and materials, etc.)
  • Installation and construction
  • System Improvement and/or Upgrades, Emergency Response
  • Commissioning
  • O&M contracts
  • Technology transfers

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