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AmbiPrime - Consultoria e Gestão Ambiental, Lda.

Environmental Licensing



Decree-Law No. 127/2013 of August 30, which approves the framework for Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control (IPPC), contains in its Annex I the categories of industrial activities that must obtain a Environmental License before the operation of the plant. New industrial facilities whose operations and production capacity fall in Annex I of the decree must implement the Best Available Techniques (BREF) in order to comply with the Associated Emission Levels of its activity. In the case of existing facilities where significant changes to the process make the facility framed under the activities listed in Annex I of the Environmental Licensing Law also need to obtain a Environmental License.

We accompany the process in its various phases until the license its obtained. We prepare the necessary documentation, we deliver the documentation to the coordinator of the process and dialogue with public authorities.

Under Environmental Licensing we also elaborate Environmental Performance Plans, Annual Environmental Reports and European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register.

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