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Most infrastructure and development projects require some form of screening, permit, license or environmental authorisation prior to implementation. Environmental monitoring and compliance checks are also needed after projects have received the go-ahead. At Royal HaskoningDHV we have the experience and expertise to provide the best environmental service and solutions. By investigating and identifying potential environmental impacts we ensure that project delays and any harmful effects on the environment and nearby communities are reduced or eliminated.

This process provides a high-level desktop scan of environmental sensitivities or fatal flaws, reducing project risk by facilitating informed decision-making during feasibility, preliminary design and detailed engineering design. It determines if, and when, a proposed development requires environmental assessment and the appropriate level of such an assessment. It also flags environmental legislation and approval timelines. Our services include:

  • Assistance with authority pre-application meetings
  • National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) interpretations
  • Input into multi-disciplinary pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Environmental screening reports

Policy and legislation mandate that public and private sector developers assess the potential impacts of their activities. As a global company, we ensure international best practice while being fully up to date with local statutory requirements. Our services include:

  • Basic assessments (BAs)
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIAs)
  • Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs)
  • Rectification applications – Section 24G
  • Amendment applications for the above
  • Environmental management plans (EMPs) and programmes (EMPrs)
  • Institutional support – independent reviews and interpretations
  • Water use license applications
  • Integrated coastal management (ICM) processes in terms of the Integrated Coastal Management Act

Being prepared for natural disasters such as fires, floods, droughts or earthquakes before they occur results in avoiding, reducing or eliminating the associated risks. Importantly, responsible disaster management refers to actions required from organisations in response to unexpected events that adversely affect people or the environment. We assist our clients to have the most effective plans in place. Our services include:

  • Disaster response – Section 30 emergency incident applications in terms of the NEMA (as amended
  • Environmental clean-up and rehabilitation plans
  • Invasive species’ management planning

We offer waste management services to clients, including Government, mining, and the industrial and construction sectors. Our highly-trained team provides a professional service and fulfils clients’ local and international waste management obligations. Our expertise includes:

  • Waste license applications – in terms of the 2008
  • National Environmental Management Waste Act
  • Development of integrated waste management plans
  • Alternative-use assessments, such as re-use and recycling
  • Integrated water and waste management plans

To acquire a license for a particular waste management activity, a developer has to demonstrate that impacts on the environment can be managed. This is largely achieved through an EIA, including EMPr, in association with the public participation process.

A mine – whether in the process of opening, expanding, in full production, suspending operations or closing a facility – is faced with numerous environmental regulatory requirements. A multidisciplinary approach is required when developing and managing the environmental aspects of mining projects. Our teams have the skill and professionalism to ensure mining permits and rights are obtained cost-effectively and timeously.

Our services include:

Public participation
The Constitution of South Africa as well as other national, provincial and local authority legislation requires administratively just, and procedurally fair, public consultation pertaining to all governance matters. In ensuring a transparent consultation process, public and stakeholder inputs into development proposals are maximised. We assist our clients by ensuring that these requirements are met. We specialise in linear development such as rail lines, bus rapid transport systems, power lines and major highways. Our services include:

  • General facilitation
  • Grassroots consultations
  • Scheduling and management of open days, focus groups and public meetings
  • Facilitation with respect to environmental-specific issues and other community participation services
  • Prospecting right applications
  • Mining right applications
  • Mining permit applications
  • Social and labour plans
  • Mining work programmes
  • Air quality management planning
  • Biodiversity action plans
  • Water use license applications
  • Performance assessments (audits
  • Financial provisions
  • Rehabilitation and mine closure plans

Environmental monitoring is one of the most effective tools to measure and improve environmental performance. Engaging an environmental control officer (ECO) is normally a requirement stipulated in the issued environmental authorisation. By using an ECO, clients are assured that the environmental aspects and impacts are managed correctly and that recommendations are Smartly fulfilling our clients’ environmental obligations implemented. The ECO ensures that a developer, and his contractors, comply with and implement specific environmental mitigation measures. The on-site presence of the ECO ensures ongoing environmental management and continued communication on performance with clients, authorities and other interested parties. Our services include:

  • Legal compliance audits
  • Full-time deployment of ECOs on site
  • General environmental audits – including EMPr and EMP compliance audits
  • EMPr implementation audits
  • ISO 14001 pre-compliance audits based on the ISO 19011 auditing standards
  • Auditing conditions as specified in environmental authorisations – including water use licenses, waste permits and heritage approvals

Our integrated coastal and estuarine management services to public and private sector clients are based on the Integrated Coastal Management Act. We provide spatial planning solutions and undertake strategic coastal planning, coastal management research, translate national objectives and facilitate sustainable coastal development. Our local and international expertise includes:

  • Coastal and estuary management plans as well as coastal management programmes
  • Coastal & estuary EIAs as well as ecological assessments – including freshwater ecological assessments
  • Training, capacity building, monitoring as well as other coastal management services

Inherent in every project is the need for people engagement, interaction, and assessment of social risks related to projects. Understanding the adaptability and vulnerability of people to development change is intrinsic to future planning.

Our social impact services, delivered at pre-feasibility and feasibility stages of projects, assist project planners and implementers to plan and maintain sustainable options. Due diligence and auditing expertise is also offered at post-project level. Our services span the global compass and are offered across a range of industry disciplines including mining, oil and gas, the agri-industry, textile and infrastructure including water, power, roads and health. The benefits of social risk management include:

  • Guarding against unforeseen risks and impacts
  • Improving financial and operational performance
  • Gaining an international ‘stamp of approval’
  • Providing projects with a ‘social license to operate’

Our specialised services include:

  • Social impact assessments
  • Social baseline assessments
  • Socio-economic impact assessments
  • Social auditing and due diligence assessments
  • Stakeholder needs’ analyses
  • Social and labour plans
  • Resettlement planning – grievance management structures, consultation forums, inventories, full resettlement action plans
  • International finance corporation (IFC) – related environmental and social impact assessments such as:
  • Public consultation and disclosure plans
  • Land acquisition and compensation plans
  • Community development plans
  • Community health and safety plans
  • Labour and human resources plans
  • Public and customer perception surveys

assessments is specialist input provided by trained and experienced specialists from varying disciplines. The key value our specialists provide is to highlight significant areas where impacts and degradation can be expected due to the implementation of an activity or process. Input and assistance is provided to EIAs, management plan/programme development as well as strategic plans which could affect the environment both positively and negatively. Our in-house specialist services include:

  • Air quality assessments
  • Noise assessments
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) including sensitivity mapping GIS-based EMPRs
  • Avifaunal impact assessments
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Aquatic assessments
  • Wetland delineations

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