BEM Systems, Inc. (BEM)

BEM Systems, Inc. (BEM)

Environmental Management Information System

The integration of our environmental consulting and information management development services makes BEM a “hybrid” organization that combines a thorough understanding of the business and technical requirements of our clients with state of the art Information Technology. This is one of the key unique values that BEM brings to our clients, and one that makes our products more robust and flexible. BEM’s approach is to deliver a solution that is customized to our clients’ requirements as compared to the traditional “off-the-shelf” software solutions where the client must adapt to the software being offered.

Our Management of Information Technology staff has delivered a number of successful solutions for its clients, including the following:

  • PAECETrak - streamlining the acquisition, management and disposition of properties
  • TurboRelocation - guides the user through the data entry and decision process to determine relocation assistance
  • UTrak - streamlines and automates the relocation and modification of utilities within a right of way
  • AdTrak - automates the management of outdoor advertising in compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • STOICS - a powerful software package that simplifies the management and maintenance of facility storage tanks
  • MatTrak - helps users collect, track, analyze and report information about solid, liquid and gaseous materials

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