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Aegis Environmental, Inc.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Services


With today’s interconnected world and engaged public, industry, government and universities each face ever-increasing scrutiny over their environmental practices. “Going green” has become more than the politically correct thing to do; it’s good business. Consumers demand sound environmental practices. Directors at public companies want to avoid negative environmental publicity. Taxpayers are demanding that public institutions are environmentally conscientious. Municipal leaders actively seek out and reward environmentally responsible corporate citizens. Employees prefer working for “green” companies. Responsible environmental plans and practices reassure both investors and insurers.

Aegis’ Environmental Management System (EMS) program helps you identify and evaluate your company’s environmental program needs and specific requirements. Aegis works closely with you to develop an effective EMS program applicable to any level of your organization and shepherds the program through the required approval and implementation. Whether implementing a new program or refining an existing program, the guidance of Aegis’ hands-on EMS experience is proven to deliver success throughout an organization and reinforce commitment to your environmental goals.

Our staff has excellent knowledge and experience in environmental regulatory compliance (the foundation of an EMS program) and environmental assessments and audits, which are the critical measurement tools of any EMS. Development of an EMS program does not have to be a daunting task. The EMS program should be viewed as a series of levels or steps, depending on your needs, ranging from the most basic to a full ISO 14001 program.

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