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The GPS mapping technologies we utilize for drilling waste management are second to none in the energy sector. This imagery technology can also be applied to broader applications such as water well reporting and environmental site assessment work. Environmental Mapping Via Satellite Imagery Improves Accuracy and Reduces Risk Disposal areas are accurately mapped onto satellite imagery (imagery base layer updated annually) to further prove compliance with the regulatory body. For example, you can visualize the type of land use within the spray area and distance to any water bodies present within that ¼ section. This is an excellent tool for audit purposes.

The buffer zone / radius layer on the imagery is a useful tool for environmental planning and monitoring. This example applies to water well / surface water reporting and site assessments.

This soil mapping visual aid is an excellent tool for site personnel. For example, rather than interpreting numerical data on a grid layout, construction personnel can readily identify areas of shallow and deep topsoil and build accordingly.

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