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ETIC Engineering, Inc.

Environmental Modeling Services


Mathematical models, such as those capable of simulating groundwater flow and chemical transport, are ideal tools for solving complex environmental problems. Application of mathematical models in support of development/management of water resources, performing risk assessments, and remediating contaminant plumes is well documented and highly supported by regulatory agencies and has played a key role in litigation-related projects.

The Modeling Group at ETIC specializes in providing a full range of environmental modeling services for development and management of water resources; evaluation of contaminant fate, transport, and plume delineation; remedial design; human health and ecological risk assessments; and cost recovery/litigation support. We make use of a voluminous library of models to perform quantitative evaluation of flow and transport processes in air, surface water, vadose zone, and groundwater systems at over 300 sites throughout California, the U.S., and internationally.

Our Environmental Modeling capabilities include:

    • Groundwater Flow

    • Saltwater Intrusion

    • Chemical Fate & Transport

    • Unsaturated Zone Flow & Transport

    • Surface Water Hydrodynamic & Water Quality

    • Air Quality & Dispersion

    • NAPL & Reactive Transport

    • 3D Visualization & Animation

  • Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support

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