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Environmental Monitoring Services


Monitoring of particulate matter; Planning, organization and administration of campaigns to collect samples of atmospheric particulate matter in urban, rural and remote sites with equipment especially designed to separate the fractions subject to European and national regulatory limits (PM10, PM2.5). Using 'state of the art' collection systems such as inertial cascade impactor samplers or continuous multi-stage samplers to reconstruct the spatial and the temporal distribution of atmospheric particulate matter concentration. Measurement of particulate matter concentrations in conditioning room as defined by DL.vo 155/2010; preservation and handling of samples in a laminar flow hood. Monitoring of indoor air quality, especially in industrial environments; In particular the monitoring of the temporal trend of airborne particles number in different size classes.

Analysis of the composition of particulate air pollution
Compositional analysis of atmospheric particulate matter samples with analytical techniques such as energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence, nuclear techniques, thermo-optical and optical techniques (for the identification of carbonaceous components commonly known as Total, Organic and Elemental Carbon; TC, OC, EC) and analysis with ion chromatography. Compositional analysis of size resolved aerosol samples for pharmaceutical use.

Identification, characterization and apportionment of process sources of pollution
Identification, characterization and apportionment of pollution sources through the use of multivariate statistical analysis (receptor models such as: PMF: Positive Matrix Factorization, CMB: Chemical Mass Balance) for the purpose of planning actions, environmental policy, potentially polluting plants control and for the determination of the influence of natural phenomena (sea spray, Sahara dust, fire) on the concentration of air pollutants.

Monitoring of radioactive isotopes
Monitoring of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere as a result of scheduled and / or accidental releases from nuclear facilities or using radioactive isotopes. Monitoring of indoor concentration of radon-222. Alpha and gamma spectrometry.

Other services
The Company’s expertise and validated equipment allows for the assessment of noise pollution and the monitoring of electromagnetic fields around cellular phones antennas and or power lines.

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