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Increasingly, noise and vibration emitted into the environment are being defined as contaminants by regulators – similar to chemical or particulate pollutants.  As an owner, operator or developer of a project with equipment that can produce noise or vibration, you likely have legal responsibilities to obtain permits or approvals before building or operating the equipment.

Equipement Noise and Vibration Impact
Whether you are managing or are planning to develop an industrial operation, a commercial facility, an office building or a multi-unit residential building, you need to consider the potential impact of future operating equipment such as cooling towers, exhaust fans, emergency generators, electrical transformers, process exhausts or truck loading docks, all of which can be a source of noise and vibration.

Obtaining Permits or Approvals
Obtaining a permit or approval to operate usually requires preparing an environmental noise and vibration assessment report.   In some jurisdictions, this type of study may be called an Acoustic Assessment Report, a Noise and Vibration Study, or a Noise Impact Statement.  Although the details of a noise and vibration assessment can vary depending on the type of facility in question, and the regulatory jurisdiction, the process always includes the fundamental elements below.

The Fundamentals of Environmental Assessments

  • Jurisdictional Regulatory Noise & Vibration Requirements
  • Vibration & Noise Measurements
  • Predictive Computer Modeling of Noise & Vibration
  • Vibration & Noise Control Measures
  • Environmental Assessment Reports You Can Understand

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