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The reasons to carry out a soil remediation can be very diverse. For example, a remediation can be performed as part of a property transaction, the application for an environmental permit or even a commitment from the government.

If a client intends to carry out a soil remediation will PJ Milieu BV can advise you in a professional manner. Important questions are:

  • what remediation possibilities are there and what do they cost?
  • how clean the bottom must be at the end of the clean-up?
  • the persistence of residual contamination is acceptable?
  • How long can the remediation?
  • when will or should I start with the remediation?
  • I can meet the requirements of the government regarding sanitation?
  • there are grant possibilities?

Depending on your situation, any advice given by PJ Milieu BV. Will it be a conventional or an in-situ remediation.Whether it is wise not to reorganize and sell along the contamination in a property transaction. It can also be given to the incorporation of risk in a particular foundation.

Let the time of execution of investigation and remediation not determined by legislation and government but run it on if possible 'natural moments', such as new construction or sale. Soil remediation is costly. Check carefully whether a soil remediation meets the predetermined questions. By PJ Milieu BV before letting out an expert assessment conduct prevents disappointments.

Prior to conducting a remediation should be drawn up a recovery plan. Purpose of the recovery plan is to describe an execution method to remove the contaminants through research demonstrated in an environmentally and technically sound manner. The content of the plan is completely customized and tailored to your needs and the remediation site.The consultants PJ Milieu BV are not only theoretical but also practical savvy so that you can be given the proper remediation advice.

The execution of the soil remediation should be sent and verified by an independent environmental. PJ Milieu BV has been active in supporting soil remediation projects. The environmental accompaniments are at PJ Milieu BV incorporated in the quality system according to ISO 9001 (2000) and BRL SIKB 6000. PJ Milieu BV guarantees the quality of the environmental accompaniments by, for example, the analyzes carried out by the Accreditation Council accredited laboratory.

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