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Environmental Virology - Enterovirus Testing Services


Human enteric viruses are often present in domestic sewage, treated wastewater, recreational surface waters, and biosolids intended for land application. The detection of viable viruses indicates the definite presence of fecal pollution and of human pathogens.

Our laboratory is completely equipped for environmental virology. We utilize innovative methodologies for the detection, enumeration, and identification of enteric viruses. We also provide high titer viral stocks for decontamination/inactivation testing. Our virologists are fully trained in the latest cell culture and molecular techniques to ensure the most reliable and informative results.  We provide routine analysis to numerous private, state and government agencies, and universities.   Water, biosolids, and filter (1MDS or Filterite filters) samples are processed according to EPA  methodology (US EPA ICR microbial laboratory manual; EPA/600/R-95/178 and the US EPA Manual of Methods for Virology EPA/600/4-84/013 ) or ASTM method D4994-89 or Standard Methods 9510B (Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Waste Water, 20th Edition, APHA).

Additionally, we provide bacteriophage testing as a surrogate to enterovirus testing.  This provides a low cost prediction of the efficacy of the process of enterovirus transport and/or inactivation.

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