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Restoring a site to a useful condition is an important, yet formidable task that must meet the stringent demands sets by federal, state and local regulatory authorities.

While working side-by-side with our clients, EPS applies sound scientific, engineering and management skills to:

  • Define the extent of the problem
  • Develop environmental goals that meet or exceed regulatory requirements
  • Develop a solution that balances our clients’ business needs while meeting the environmental goals
  • Implement the solution, resulting in a successful conclusion to the project

This has earned EPS an outstanding reputation with clients and regulatory agencies.  EPS has developed strong relationships with personnel at state and federal regulatory agencies that is useful for efficiently moving remediation programs through to completion.  EPS provides turnkey remediation services, including technology selection, design, negotiation with appropriate agencies, Plan development,oversight and remediation, and supervision of the disposal process.

  • Identification of potential environmental liabilities.
    • Phase 1 and 2 Assessments
  • Thorough site assessments
    • Multimedia sampling investigations
    • Data collection, analysis, validation, and presentation
    • Human health and ecological risk assessments
    • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
    • Vapor intrusion studies
  • Design of remedial actions necessary to meet the client’s and regulatory needs.
    • Innovative technology evaluation and implementation
    • Remediation feasibility studies
    • In-situ treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater
  • Implementation of remedial actions and final disposal of waste materials (soil, sludge, groundwater).
    • Site remediation
    • Contaminant source removal in a dry or wet environment
    • Installation and operation of treatment systems
    • Handling of hazardous and nonhazardous waste materials
  • Design and management of monitoring systems
    • Installation and operation of treatment systems
    • Groundwater monitoring program development and implementation
  • Project planning and management that details and outlines the process, schedule and costs.

  • RCRA
    • RCRA Facility Investigation Work Plans and Reports
    • Biennial & Waste Minimization Reports
    • Corrective Action Plans
    • Part B Permit Applications
    • Closure, Post Closure, and Corrective Action Plans
    • Preliminary Assessment / Site Inspection
    • Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies
    • Records of Decisions
    • Remedial Design/Remedial Action
    • 3013 Reports
  • State Superfund (e.g., Georgia HSRA)
    • Release Notifications
    • Compliance Status Reports
    • Corrective Action Plans
    • Completion Reports
  • Brownfields
  • Voluntary Remediation Programs
    • Applications
    • Management, Progress Reports
    • Compliance Status Reports

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