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Erosion Control BMP



GBMc & Associates has developed and implemented storm water runoff and erosion control plans for large and small construction sites. Associated tasks include construction site evaluation, Best Management Practice (BMP) research and specification, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan development, coordination with vendors, coordination with construction contractors, negotiation and coordination with regulatory agencies, and oversight management during BMP installation and construction.

  • Designed and managed installation of erosion/sediment controls for a large construction site adjacent to and up-gradient from a high quality trout fishery.
  • Developed stream crossing stabilization designs for installation of pipelines by open cut excavation.
  • Prepared NOI and SWPPP including BMP design for over 300,000 linear feet of pipeline installed over a multi-year period.  Provided pre-construction guidance for installation of erosion and sediment control measures as well as inspection/monitoring during construction.
  • Directed placement of BMPs such as belted silt fence, rock check dams, fiber rolls, erosion control blankets, and sedimentation basins to protect sensitive water resources.
  • Designed BMPs for linear construction projects extending hundreds of miles.

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