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Henry Nowicki earned a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology. Dr. Nowicki obtained the Ph.D. in Organic-Biochemistry in 1972 and the M.B.A. in 1984. During his Ph.D. research he discovered two intermediates in Ubiquinone bio-synthesis in mammals. He used the first commercial mass spectrometer to identify these trace lipids. During his post-doc at the University of California Riverside, he participated in the discovery of the active form of vitamin D and why bio-accumulating pesticides/PCBs cause thinning of eggshells in predatory birds. Dr. Nowicki worked for five years as U.S. Army toxicologist and forensic scientist in St. Louis, San Antonio, and Japan. He set-up the first mass-spectrometer for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) in Japan. He taught science courses for University of Chicago and University of Maryland for three years while in Japan as a forensic toxicologist for the USACIL. Dr. Nowicki appeared as an expert witness twenty-two times for military prosecutions.

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