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SMHI Express Consultant provides rapid and high-quality dispersion calculations for point discharges to the air. Delivery within two weeks from the date of order, with the exception of the summer holiday period and the Christmas period.

The calculations are done with SMHI's local-scale dispersion model, which is actually called Dispersion, a model which is also used for more complex analyses. SMHI Express Consultant is intended for simpler discharge situations; we provide the input data.

The results are analysed and presented on a map with isolines for concentration. Besides three maps providing concentration levels, an information page is included which documents the emission data and provides numeric values for the contribution in the least favourable receptor point.

The results provided are annual average levels and include extreme value statistics adapted to environmental quality norms for the substance in question, for example, 98-percentile of daily mean concentrations and 98-percentile of hourly mean concentrations.

For substances that are not regulated by air quality standards, results are presented the above three statistical concentration entities, which together reflect both the average concentrations and extreme days or hours

Get in touch with SMHI if:

  • the emission situation is more complex than that described in SMHI Express Expresskonsult
  • the topography is suspected of influencing the concentration levels
  • a presentation is required in the form of a report for simpler cases
  • the background level is required in the calculations so that the results display the total level

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